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The purpose of our site is inform the reader on the many different famous types of British food. These dishes are known throughout the world and these articles are ideal for those who want to learn a little more about the subject.

Whether you are looking for the right restaurant to visit or the next dish for you to cook yourself there should be an article to help. There is also a listing of some of the most popular brands that specialise in specific UK food goods.

Do you enjoy chips? It is a staple of the British diet. We have an article that tells you very best places throughout the UK that serve this meal. Not just in England but Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland too. This site will arm you with the knowledge to make sure you find the very best takeaway chip establishments

If you are interested in casino gambling and want a bite to eat in between games then we have a section on some of the best casino restaurants throughout Britain. This includes both high class eateries and places that serve delicious pub grub. Whatever your tastes, if you get hungry after a game of cards or a go at the slot machines we are there to tell you which restaurants are right for you.

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