A Bite to Eat in Between Betting

When at a casino there comes a time when everyone needs to take a break and grab something to eat. When an international visitor comes to Britain to enjoy the card tables and slot machines they may be surprised to see the meals available within British casinos. You can learn about about casino regulations and best practices at casinoguide.co.uk both online and in person.

British Casino Restaurant Menus

  • The Ritz Club

This elegant and high class London casino has a vast and internationally inspired menu. One of the great things about UK chefs is their ability to put their own spin on foods from all over the world. In the case of the Ritz Club this is no exception. They have a menu that will appeal to all tastes. Whether you want European, Oriental, Lebanese or Indian cuisine this restaurant is sure to provide a fantastic meal in between gambling games.

  • Rendezvous Casino, Brighton

Within this casino lies the low key restaurant, Waterside Brasserie. It is considered one of the finest restaurants in all of Brighton. They have a specialised players menu for those who want a quick bite in between games. The foods on offer include pizzas, baps, noodles, burgers and fish & chips. They also serve Sunday lunch. For those who want a larger meal there is a menu of full course dishes on offer.

  • The Casino MK, Milton Keynes

This bar and grill won the Diner’s Choice Award in 2017. Players have enjoyed their wide selection of hot foods and snacks. While taking a break from playing cards a gamer will enjoy their chicken wings and selection of burgers. They also have oven baked chips and toasted sandwiches, just what you need to re-energise after a long day on the casino floor. They also serve cold foods and salads for those who don’t want to wait to get back to playing casino games.