British Food

Over the years, Britain has established itself as a powerhouse of food production. It has developed a number of high selling, popular food brands.

Popular Food Goods Brands

  • Heinz Beans

The staple of many British breakfasts. Beans on toast is a common meal to eat in the morning. Heinz has established itself as the go-to brand for baked beans.

  • Cadbury’s Chocolate

One of the most well sold chocolate brands in the world. Cadbury’s was recently bought by US company Kraft, but continues to operate in the UK much the same way it always has. There have been some changes to product designs and some unsuccessful innovation attempts from Kraft. Regardless, the company has continued to thrive even with a new sugar tax coming into effect.

  • Warburtons Bread

The people of Britain often eat sandwiches for lunch. Warburtons bread provides a variety of white and wheat selections which are eaten everyday across the country.

  • McVities Biscuits

Tea is one of the most popular drinks in Britain. A good cup of tea would not be complete without a biscuit. McVities are found in the major supermarkets throughout the UK.

  • Bernard Matthews Meat

This company rose to the top as the number one provider of turkey meat in Britain. The brand has become synonymous with this sliced bird meat.

  • Loyd Grossman Cooking Sauces
  • Uncle Ben’s Rice

Due to historical ties with India, curries have become one of the most popular meals in the country. Some of the most popular curries have actually been invented in Britain. This brand continues to provide rice for millions of British citizens.

  • Grant’s Haggis

Burn’s Night is celebrated by Scottish people throughout the world. In Britain, Grant’s has been the go-to brand for supplying the most important part of the celebration: haggis. They have recently started selling vegetarian options as well.